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Alerts (including the Library Digest)

In the Alerts sub-tab of the Notification Center, you will find the Library Digest alert that is turned on by default for all GRITS users. This alert (labeled “New Library Projects” in GRITS) will send you a notification every two weeks with a list of the latest projects that have been added to the Library. You’ll only see projects added by other users (i.e. your own projects will be excluded from the Digest). If your email preference switch is on (back on the “Notifications” sub-tab), you’ll also receive an email with the list of newly shared projects. This list presents projects using the Project Profile widget in GRITS. If you’d like to make the Digest more or less frequent or turn it off completely, you can click the “Edit” button and change its frequency.

In the future, you will be able to design your own custom alerts to be notified when data is added or modified in GRITS.