GRITS is a powerful, time-saving platformfor planning, tracking, and sharingenergy, carbon, and utility cost reduction projects.

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Energy savings to date (MMBTU)


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Through better project tracking, GRITS helps institutions accelerate investment in energy efficiency and other sustainability projects resulting in lower carbon emissions, reduced resource consumption and greater financial savings.

Share and Compare

Access the GRITS Library with thousands of completed projects for benchmarking and inspiration.

Build the Business Case

Robust financial metrics and real-world data from peers increase support for efficiency investment.

Foster Participation

Empower stakeholders to plan and track sustainability projects. Report results to key decision makers.

Save Time

Intuitive interface and streamlined design allow quick project entry and report generation in minutes.

Track Savings

Calculate energy, carbon, water, waste, and financial savings as well as payback and ROI.

Improves through Feedback

Continuous updating with new features based on user recommendations.

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