Collaborate on the Web

Securely store your project data online and access GRITS’ encrypted server from any device, anywhere in the world. Customize the level of access that each team member has within your institution’s GRITS account.

Track All Project Savings

Track energy, financial, and carbon savings with dedicated pages for each project. Edit utility prices and savings as they change each year. Calculate payback period, return on investment (ROI), and net present value (NPV) for all your energy, waste, and water-saving projects.

Access Aggregate Data

See the data for your whole portfolio of projects. Review your total project costs and total savings. Analyze the average ROI and payback period, and check progress towards sustainability goals with total energy and carbon emissions reduction across all projects to date.

Report on Progress

Instantly create reports to demonstrate project performance to key stakeholders. Customize and print multiple graphs, and export data to Microsoft Excel.

Manage Financial Data

Track all project transactions in a centralized account ledger, including funds spent on materials and labor for a new project, utility rebates received, and financial savings transferred back into the account.


Input custom carbon emissions factors for your organization, create various preset utility price scenarios, and easily display data in your preferred units of measurement.

Share and Compare in the GRITS Library

Explore a wide range of efficiency projects through the GRITS Library of more than 4,000 completed projects. Filter by project type, such as lighting retrofits, and then explore projects entered by other users to gain insight into the equipment installed, project cost, and payback period. Even look up project data at specific peer institutions.

Get Support

Ask questions directly to GRITS staff through live chat or via email. A full GRITS Guide and walkthrough videos provide instruction whenever you need it.