If you have questions about how various GRITS features work, consult the GRITS Guide. The Guide explains all aspects of the application. If you use GRITS in revolving fund mode, please download the GRITS Guide - GRF Mode.

Walkthrough videos

Looking for a more in-depth tour of GRITS? Check out our  videos that demonstrate how the application works in two levels of detail. The GRITS in 60 seconds video provides a brief overview of the features and benefits of the Green Revolving Investment Tracking System, and a longer walkthrough reviews the Dashboard, Project Details page, Library, and Reporting feature in greater detail. Go to Videos.


The Sustainable Endowments Institute offers live webinars to demonstrate how GRITS is used. If you’d like to receive updates about upcoming webinars, subscribe to the GRITS newsletter.

Personal GRITS tour

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Call Us

For any questions about GRITS, you can call 617-528-0010. Calls are received during normal business hours Monday through Friday (Eastern time).

Live Chat

If you have any questions or encounter any issues while using GRITS, you can instantly connect with GRITS staff during normal business hours Monday through Friday (Eastern time) through the chat feature in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


You can watch a walkthrough of the tool, join a live webinar, or review the GRITS Guide to learn to use GRITS. Check out the resources above, or email us at

We’ve found most users can be up to speed and confidently using GRITS with less than an hour of training time.

We surveyed dozens of GRITS users, who responded that it took them 10-15 minutes on average to enter a new project. For users more familiar with the application, less time is needed. GRITS users can also choose to upload their project data from a spreadsheet. Click here for our GRITS spreadsheet template.

No technical background is required! GRITS users are diverse—facilities and sustainability staff, administrators, faculty, and students all use the application. GRITS’ intuitive user interface was built to be accessible to people from various backgrounds.

All projects entered by GRITS users that are marked as “completed” are sent to the application’s Project Library, where they are visible to other non-profit institutions that use GRITS. Projects left as “proposed” or “in-progress” are only visible to your own institution. Institutions have the option to share their data anonymously, but then all the projects in the library will also appear as “anonymous” to that institution.

Many features in the latest version of GRITS originated with suggestions from GRITS users. If you identify a feature that would allow GRITS to better support your work, let us know by emailing

We are currently working to make GRITS more accessible to institutions in other countries. Currency conversions will be added over the next few months, and we’re also working to translate GRITS into Spanish. If your organization is located outside of the U.S. and Canada and you’re wondering if GRITS meets your needs, contact us at

We designed GRITS to be affordable to all kinds of institutions, and base the price on your operating budget. Please see the pricing page for more information about the cost of a GRITS subscription.