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GRITS Guide Overview

GRITS is an energy efficiency and sustainability project management platform that facilitates project selection, savings tracking, and reporting on energy, financial, and carbon data.

GRITS is divided into ten main sections:

  • The Dashboard displays aggregate data about your projects including key financial metrics, cumulative project savings, annual expenditures, and recently modified projects.
  • The Settings page (formerly called the Institution Profile) contains information about the institution and financial assumptions. This page also lets you customize the units of energy/water/waste displayed by GRITS and create custom resource price scenarios and emission scenarios to apply to your projects. You can access the Settings page by clicking on your institution’s name on the top of the page.
  • The Facilities tab displays the campuses/sites and buildings that belong to your institution.
  • The Projects tab allows the institution to organize all projects by status (proposed, in-progress, or completed). By clicking on a project, the user is brought to the Project Detail page.

    • The Project Detail page allows you to enter specific resource savings and transactions pertaining to each project.
  • The Consumption tab is where you can record your historical carbon emissions, energy and water consumption, or waste production data at the institution-wide, campus/site, or facility scale. This data is incorporated into the resource reduction goals you create on the Goals tab.
  • The Goals tab is where
  • The Library stores projects marked as Completed across all institutions using GRITS for benchmarking and idea sharing. It is similarly organized to the Projects Please note that access to the Library varies depending on your level of GRITS access.
  • The People tab displays all the people from your institution with access to GRITS and their account access level. “Primary” level users can create additional log-ins on this page.
  • The Reports tab allows you to make graphs and charts based on your aggregate project data and individual project data, export data to Excel, and print out hard copies of visuals. Please note that access to the Reports tab varies depending on your level of GRITS access.
  • The Goals tab is where you can build climate action or sustainability master plan models or track an existing plan’s impacts by assembling your projects into resource reduction scenarios at the institution-wide, campus/site, or facility scale.
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