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Archive a Project

You can choose to archive your project if the project was funded and completed years ago, or funded from a budget outside of the one that is normally used for your projects. Archiving a project is a good choice if you still wanted the project’s data in GRITS but you did not want this project to affect the current financial data as it appears on the Dashboard’s Annual Expenditures and Savings table. On the Dashboard, GRITS users can view the amount invested and saved from Archived projects, but they are not included in other sections of the Dashboard. An Archived project will still appear in the Projects tab, labeled as “Archived” under Status. You are also able to filter for Archived or Not Archived projects on the Projects tab. Archived projects will also appear in the Library for others to see and will appear in your graphs in the Reports tab. Click on “Archive This Project” at the top of the page to archive a specific project.

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