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Calculate Averages and Totals for Project Groups

The top section of this page provides medians/means (averages) and totals for the projects listed below. You can look at all the projects in your portfolio or use the filter criteria on the left side of the page to identify specific groups of projects. The averages and totals will adjust accordingly and be based only on the projects within that filter criteria.

Make sure to scroll over the various calculations in the Medians/Means (averages) and Totals boxes to see their tool tips. Most of these data points are intuitive, like the Average Cost for the projects below. Some are best explained by the tool tip, such as “Totals—Annual Cost Savings”, which is the sum of projected financial savings for the current fiscal year, for all the projects below. This means that financial savings are only included in this calculation if they happen during the current fiscal year. If there are some projects below that don’t start generating savings until next fiscal year, they will not be added into this calculation.

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