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Getting Started

You can log into GRITS at After agreeing to the terms of use, the first thing you will do to set up your account is go to the Settings page by clicking on the name of your institution at the top of the screen. From there you should look at all the boxes that are filled in and review the information that we have on file. Check the repayment guidelines filled in under the “Revolving Fund Settings” section–adjusting these numbers will change the repayment amounts shown on your Project Detail pages. If you’re not sure what discount rate to fill in, you can leave it at 6% and this will be used to calculate net present value (NPV) for each project. You must fill in all the boxes marked as “Required” to save your data on this page.

If you’d like, you can click on your name near the top right corner of the screen and edit your password on that page. You can also initiate a reset of your password on the GRITS login page.

To see who has access to your institution’s account or add additional users, check out the People tab.

You can start entering projects into GRITS by heading to the Projects tab and clicking the green “Add Project” button. Three example projects are pre-loaded to illustrate what a completed project entry will look like and to generate sample data on the Projects tab and Dashboard page (note that example project data will no longer be included in aggregate calculations after you enter your first real project).

We are happy to help you get started by inputting your past project data for you. If you would like to take advantage of this opportunity, let us know and we will send you further instructions about how best to share your data with us.

You can also access the GRITS Library of more than 3,000 completed projects from other institutions. Use the filters to find your peers (in particular, check out the “Affiliations” filter) and see what they have been working on!

GRITS Sign-in Page
The Library stores projects from all institutions using GRITS