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Scenario Page

The Scenario page is where you can design a scenario that achieves the resource reduction target(s) set out in your goal. Use it to model an existing climate action or sustainability master plan, or create a new one. A scenario is built by selecting a group of projects from the overall pool of projects you’ve added to GRITS and customizing the implementation timeline for each selected project. You can develop an unlimited number of scenarios, each representing a different possible pathway towards meeting your goal. You can see the baseline and target information and any notes you’ve added in the Goal Info section.

To begin developing your scenario, scroll to the “Select Your Projects” section at the bottom of the page. The Selected Candidate Projects box on the left displays the projects that are eligible for inclusion in your scenario. You will only see the projects that:

  1. Match your goal’s scale (institution-wide goals exclude no projects based on scale; campus/site goals only display the projects linked to this goal’s campus/site; facility goals only display the projects linked to this goal’s facility).
    1. NOTE: If a project is linked to multiple facilities and you have created a goal for each facility, that project will appear in the Selected Candidate Projects box for each facility.
  2. Save the resource targeted in your goal (carbon, energy, water, waste, or utility cost)
  3. Aren’t already part of a scenario that’s been marked as an implemented plan
  4. Fall within the goal period if they are In-Progress or Completed (if their start date is before the baseline or after the primary target date they will not be shown).
    1. NOTE: Proposed projects are not excluded if their start date is outside the goal period because their timeline is hypothetical. All Proposed projects that meet criteria 1-3 above will appear as candidate projects.

Clicking on any candidate project will bring up numerous stats you can look through to evaluate whether to include it in your scenario. Use the shift key to select a group of projects and then use the filters to arrange the stats you’re most interested in evaluating. You might want to look at project cost or net present value, for example. The “contribution toward goal” stat displays the portion of the total resource reduction task accomplished by each project, and selecting a group of projects which add up to a contribution of 100% means your scenario should fulfill the goal’s primary target.

Add one or more projects to your scenario by clicking the “Add Selected” button, and the page will reload to display your scenario’s projections and calculations. Those projects will then appear in the Scenario Projects box, to the right of the Selected Candidate Projects box. They will also appear in the Scenario Projects table at the bottom of the page, where you can see the stats of each individual project. You can remove projects from your scenario by selecting one or more in the Scenario Projects box and clicking the “Remove Selected” button.