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Change Resource Units

When you enter in a project’s energy, water, or waste savings, the units in the Annual Tracking Data table may not match the units that you have entered because GRITS converts to the default resource units that you have chosen on the Settings page. Rather than changing your account-wide default units on the Settings page, you can instead create a different setting for individual projects. Go to the Custom Settings sub-tab near the top of the page and choose the energy, water, or waste units that you want to use as a default for this Project Detail page. Once you’ve chosen your preferred unit of measurement, make sure that the Unit Settings switch to the right of “Waste Units” is “Enabled”. Return to the Details page and make sure that the Custom Settings switch to the right of “Delete this project” is green and says “Custom Settings Enabled”. All savings data on the page will now be in the units you chose.

GRITS Sign-in Page
Changing resource units displayed on the Project Detail page, on the Custom Settings sub-tab


While there is only one “Water” resource and one “Waste” resource, several resources (electricity, coal, distillate oil, etc.) fall under the “Energy” resource category. The savings for all tracked energy resources will be converted to the same unit of measurement. However, if you track only one energy resource, you’ll be able to select the unit in which it was entered on the Custom Settings tab (i.e. if natural gas is being tracked and was entered in therms, you’ll be able to select therms in the Energy Units list to maintain it).

GRITS Sign-in Page
Enabling the Custom Settings switch on the Project Detail page