We are proud to share a recent article about GRITS in Facilities Manager, the journal of APPA – Leadership in Educational Facilities. The article provides a succinct description of how GRITS supports facilities professionals and how it illustrates the impact of their  work. The platform is easy to learn and use, and calculates a project’s financial and environmental impacts, including financial savings, emissions reduction, payback period, and net present value. Also described is the direct learning community fostered by GRITS and the Project Library where users can learn from each other’s successful efficiency projects.

The article also includes the stories of specific GRITS users and how they’ve leveraged project-tracking information to build a case for increasing investments in efficiency work, and how they’ve advanced sustainability in their portfolio of buildings. Details in the article include how GRITS has helped leaders at Colgate University, Macalester College, the City of Philadelphia, and the State of Vermont. Each has unique challenges and complex goals, and all are harnessing GRITS as a secure, web-based, collaborative tool to handle their project-level energy efficiency data. These are great examples of how a sustainability or facilities professional can move forward in their role.

APPA is an association of professionals dedicated to the safe and efficient operations of buildings, mostly on college & university campuses but in other settings as well. There are 321 different institutional members of APPA using GRITS across North America. These institutions  have invested $156 million in efficiency projects tracked in GRITS and reaped over $881 million in savings. This is a great return on investment over hundreds of individual projects.  Our platform helps these campuses understand and share their achievements.

Read the article here.