The GRITS user community is an incredible group of people who are dedicated to energy efficiency and sustainability. The institutions they work for are continually making progress toward reducing emissions and resource use. Users can view thousands of sustainability projects in the private GRITS Library, a great resource for benchmarking and learning from others’ experiences.

But did you know there is a Public Library available to everyone, even those who don’t use GRITS? You can access it here and explore about 200 real projects from GRITS users who have enabled public sharing. Working on an HVAC upgrade? Lights? Pumps? Specialized equipment? Search for it and see what we have in the library. If you become a GRITS user you’ll then gain access to the full GRITS Library which includes data on more than 3,000 completed projects.

The GRITS community does tremendous work and you can be a part of it too. Contact us at to learn more about project tracking and sharing with GRITS!