The GRITS Project Library is a unique resource that currently features over 4,500 completed projects from GRITS users around the world. You won’t find a richer source of real-world energy efficiency and renewable energy project data elsewhere.

Non-profit institutions that choose to participate in the GRITS Library can see these projects and contribute their own. What can you do with access to the Library?

Compare your project data against others’

Maybe you’ve recently completed an HVAC project and want to understand how it compares to HVAC projects in other places but within the same kind of building (office, classroom, etc.). You might be curious whether you’re paying an appropriate price for a multi-building lighting retrofit. Perhaps you want to know whether nearby institutions have received a rebate for their lighting upgrades.

All of this information is available in the GRITS Project Library. You’ll also be able to review the documentation that other GRITS users have attached to their projects and decided to share (e.g. requests for proposals, project blueprints, before and after photos).

See what peer institutions are working on

If you have one or more peer institutions that tend to influence your work or whose actions motivate project decision-makers at your institution, you can follow them in the Library. Filter for projects from a specific institution or a particular geographic location.

Get inspiration for new projects

Institutions around the world are constantly working to reduce resource consumption and carbon emissions in their facilities. They might be working with equipment or materials or in a particular type of building that you haven’t explored during your own efforts. Have you wondered how much energy a new boiler could save? Check out the Library!

Those with access to the GRITS Library receive the Library Digest, a biweekly email that displays the latest projects completed by GRITS users. Get project inspiration delivered to your inbox!

(Note: The Project Profile widgets that appear in the Library Digest email, like the example pictured below, are available for each of your own projects. They can be embedded in your institution’s website or downloaded for social media sharing.)

Connect with your peers via GRITS Connect

Once you’ve found an interesting project that you’d like to know more about, you can use the “GRITS Connect” feature to reach out to the user who added it. GRITS will send a connection request to that user, and if they accept, the platform will send an email introduction to both of you.

Share your work with others

Another benefit of participating in the GRITS Library is that you can contribute to a unique learning resource used by other sustainability and facilities professionals around the world. Boost the impact of your work by sharing your project insights with thousands of other GRITS users. And raise the profile of your institution and its resource use reduction efforts in the process!


Not a GRITS user? Check out the GRITS Public Library

If your institution doesn’t have a GRITS account, you can get a taste of the full Project Library by exploring the GRITS Public Library here:

The Public Library features a selection of projects from the full Library that users have chosen to share with the world.

To recap, the GRITS Project Library allows you to:

  • Compare your project data against others’ (what you’re saving, how much you’re paying, relevant rebate opportunities, publicly available documentation, etc.)
  • See what peer institutions are working on
  • Get inspiration for new projects
  • Connect with others via GRITS Connect
  • Share your work with others (See all the sharing options GRITS provides!)