School districts and campuses across the country who face annual budget cuts and unstable energy markets are finding it increasingly difficult to finance much-needed energy efficiency upgrades. The good news is that an innovative solution exists called the Green Revolving Fund (GRF). SEI has partnered with the USGBC Center for Green Schools to share an introductory webinar with interested parties.

You can watch the webinar here. Our expert presenters were: Kristen Trovillion, Sustainability Coordinator at Grand Rapids Public Schools ( and Mark Orlowski, Executive Director and Founder of Sustainable Endowments Institute ( You will learn about the virtuous cycle of a GRF and the value that a dedicated internal capital fund could bring to your school system. Explore the Sustainable Endowments Institute’s industry-recognized resources such as our GRF Implementation Guide and GRITS software to manage renewable energy, energy efficiency, and other sustainability projects.

Green Revolving Fund Resources from SEI