The Sustainable Endowments Institute has now partnered with NYSERDA’s REV Campus Challenge to provide access to a free version of GRITS for all REV participants. You can review the recent recording of our REV Campus Challenge webinar on GRITS that goes through many aspects of using the platform.

Users can immediately access the GRITS Library featuring thousands of completed projects from other institutions. Use the filters to find your peers (including the “REV Campus Challenge” checkbox) and see what they have been working on!

Did you know? GRITS is an eligible scope of work activity under the REV Campus Challenge member-exclusive Roadmaps program! Get up to 100% of your costs covered to collect and input GRITS project data and create an SOP to streamline future data management. Contact us at

As you may already know, GRITS is a platform for tracking sustainability projects from any funding source—not just those financed with a green revolving fund (GRF). In fact, more than 80% of institutions using GRITS don’t have a GRF. If your institution does use a GRF to finance its sustainability projects, reach out to us and we’ll switch your account to GRF mode to track how project savings flow back into the fund.

The GRITS Guide is available to answer most of your questions about the platform.