GRITS is designed to facilitate collaboration between different job roles and is most effectively used as a team, so to encourage more team members across different departments and offices to get involved we’re kicking off a game that gives all new users (and the existing user who signed them up) a chance to win a prize!

Between today and June 30, any GRITS user who creates a new log-in for a colleague that didn’t previously have access to GRITS will be entered into a drawing. If selected, that user and their colleague will each get a $50 gift card to REI or Amazon (your choice). There is one entry per new log-in created (i.e. one user can create multiple new log-ins to have multiple entries, up to a limit of 20), and one pair of users will be chosen in this drawing. The winners will be selected at random in early July and will be notified by email.

You can participate either by creating a new log-in for a colleague in GRITS (by using the “Add New Person” button on the People tab) or by filling out this form to have us create your colleague’s log-in for you. (Note that only users with the Primary status level can create other new users; if you don’t see the “Add New Person” button, you’ll need to fill out the form to create a log-in for your colleague. We will send your colleague their log-in credentials in an email along with a brief description of this drawing and CC you.)

If you have any questions, please let us know at Here’s to teaming up in GRITS!

Thank you,

The GRITS Team