GRITS hosts Community Conversations in Partnership with Second Nature

Last month the GRITS team kicked off a new monthly peer-to-peer discussion series titled Community Conversations in which sustainability and facilities professionals choose the topic and share their obstacles and insights with one another. On February 24, 20 participants gathered to discuss the challenges they face in Climate Action Planning. You can view the call notes here.

Our next conversation will be March 24 from 2-3pm EDT on the topic of Communicating Impact to Stakeholders. If you’d like to join or receive the call notes/recording afterwards, please sign up here. If you haven’t voted for your preferred topics yet, please take 2 minutes and vote to help determine which topics should be selected each month for the rest of the year.

GRITS Tips: Leveraging the Library

Are you looking for ideas on your next sustainability project? Or maybe you have a project in mind, but would like to learn about how others have done it. Right now there are nearly 3,500 projects in the GRITS Library just waiting for you to take a look! Whether you are searching for examples of LED lighting upgrades in a specific type of building or the installation of a new HVAC system, there are projects galore.

Searching for Library projects is easy with these filters:

Use the “Institutions” filter if there is a particular organization you’d like to check out:

You can also narrow the options down by project type:

Or by one or more type of facility:

Cost, payback, period and peer group affiliations (e.g. fellow APPA members) are also available filter options:

Pro Tip: Filter for projects with attachments to find photos and additional documentation.

To access the GRITS Library, just head over to and log in. If you’ve forgotten your GRITS account password, you can easily reset it anytime using the “Forgot your password” feature.


Mark, Aaron, Deb and the whole GRITS Team