REV Campus Challenge Library

Below you’ll find GRITS data from REV campus challenge members that give insight into their sustainability work. The GRITS Public Dashboards aggregate the impacts from projects marked as “completed” and display metrics selected by users themselves. There are also links to read-only versions of individual projects for which participants have enabled public sharing.


GRITS Public Dashboards

Colgate University

Cornell University

Vassar College

Publicly Shared Sustainability Projects

Colgate University

Biomass Material Handling and Recovery Upgrade

2019 Cotterell Court LED Lighting Upgrade

See how Colgate uses GRITS data:


Cornell University

Campus-Wide LED Replacement (2019)

Biotechnology Controls Upgrade (2019)

Bard Hall Heat Recovery (2018)

See how Cornell uses GRITS data:


Vassar College

GRF – Campus Pipe Insulation Upgrade


Yeshiva University

Belfer Bathrooms

Belfer Event Room

Belfer Heat Timer

Belfer Steam Traps


GRITS Goals Public Dashboards

Once users have a chance to begin using GRITS Goals to model sustainability master plans and climate action plans, illustrative dashboards of those plans will appear here.