GRITS in New Zealand

GRITS is proud to partner with Green Global Solutions (Aotearoa) to bring our innovative carbon reduction platform to companies and institutions across New Zealand.

GRITS is an easy-to-use platform designed to help institutions analyze, track, and share the energy, financial, and carbon-saving impacts of their sustainability projects. More than 900 institutions in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom use GRITS to advance their sustainability goals. GRITS is highly customisable and is developed specifically to support users in New Zealand and Australia with local emissions factors, NZD and AUD currency and metric units.

To learn more about how GRITS can help you achieve your company or institution’s goals, we invite you to learn more about GRITS by reviewing this GRITS 1-page summary, watching a GRITS introductory tour or reaching out to our colleagues at Green Global Solutions (Aotearoa) to schedule a demo, receive a price quote or just arrange a zoom call to learn more and ask questions.

GRITS 1-page Summary
Please download this 1-page summary to learn more about GRITS’ key features and benefits.

GRITS Venn Diagram
This Venn diagram is designed to help provide a high-level overview of where GRITS fits into the larger landscape of energy tracking and greenhouse gas emissions tracking software. GRITS has a unique set of features that are complementary to any existing energy/sustainability software you may use and is the first platform ever to help track project-level data combined with developing robust net zero emissions reductions plans.

GRITS Tour Video
Please consider watching this GRITS tour video that provides a high level overview of GRITS’ capabilities all in only about 8 minutes.

For more information or to request a price quote or demo please contact:
– Manjula Sickler:
– Gary Walker: