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Adjust for Yearly Savings/Price Changes

Annual Tracking Data table

This ledger tracks year-to-year financial and resource savings for the entire lifespan of the project. Based on the data input above, GRITS projects annual financial savings. If at any time the price of the resource or the amount of the resource saved in a year changes, you are able to edit accordingly by clicking on the year’s row that the change occurs. Simply edit the numbers for the given year and the page will auto-save the new numbers. This is especially useful if you are using sub-metered data. If you would like to update the resource price across numerous projects, please contact us at and we can facilitate a bulk update.

All units of energy will convert to the default unit that you chose on the Settings page (GJ or MMBTU). This is also the case for water and waste units. To change the units you see in this table for an individual project (as opposed to changing your account-wide defaults on the Settings page), use the Custom Settings sub-tab on this page. Read the following section (“Change Resource Units”) for more information.

GRITS Sign-in Page
The Annual Tracking Data table on the Project Detail page shows year-to-year resource and financial savings
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